Scrapbooker chronicles Greencastle Class of 1945

Shawn Hardy
Lois (Mayhugh) Erdenbrack's scrapbook of the Greencastle Class of 1945 includes photos like the group as freshmen and at their 30-year reunion. SHAWN HARDY/ECHO PILOT

Long before scrapbooking became a verb, Lois (Mayhugh) Erdenbrack was keeping a scrapbook on the Greencastle High School Class of 1945.

"I guess I'm just a keeper," said Erdenbrack, who moved to Waynesboro three years after graduating when she married John W. "Bill" Erdenbrack in 1948. He died three years ago, but she still lives in his grandparents' former home on Garfield Street, where they moved in 1952.

"Everyone knew I kept everything so others would take pictures and cut things out, too," said Erdenbrack, who will turn 92 in March.

Photos and newspaper clippings from 1941 through the present fill her cream-colored scrapbook. She can no longer get new pages, so the collection has spilled over into another album.

There are pictures of the freshman class, memorabilia such as the program from their junior class play in 1944, wedding announcements, newspaper clippings about accomplishments and, with only five or six members of the class still living, numerous obituaries.

Many of the pages are filled with pictures of class reunions and trips the classmates took years after graduation.

The class was the last to graduate during World War II. While many of the boys were called to service, none were lost and Erdenbrack's scrapbook includes articles about several of them receiving their high school diplomas decades later.

However, the class trip to Washington, D.C., was canceled due to the war.

Nearly 40 years later, on June 11 and 12, 1983, 15 of the original 53 class members took the delayed trip, spending the night in Washington. A number of pages in Erdenbrack's scrapbook have pictures of the various sites they saw and a river cruise, as well as the program from "My Fair Lady" at the Burn Brae Dinner Theatre.

On one page she wrote: "Smile: All that exercise walking and we're still smiling (we're tough)."

In the yearbook Conocheaguinit 1945 it says she is "social with her humor and good spirit."

That is evident in the captions throughout out the scrapbook.

Exactly five years after Washington, the class went to Pittsburgh June 11 and 12, 1988. Erdenbrack remembers the bus had a flat tire. Under breakfast pictures, she wrote, "Is everyone awake and ready for another fun filled day of togetherness? I think so."

Erdenbrack rarely appears in the candid photos of trips that also included the Poconos and Lancaster because she was the one behind the camera.

However, she is part of the group for the class reunion pictures and has lists of everyone who was at each reunion.

On one page of the scrapbook is a picture of just class members at their 20-year reunion on Aug. 3, 1965, and she observed, "Aren't we a serious looking group."

On the facing page is a photo of class members, along with husbands and wives. Erdenbrack's comment, "We are happier now that most of us has been joined by the other half."

"Aren't we still young and happy looking people?" she wrote for the 30-year reunion on Aug. 7, 1975, at Keystone Kountry Kitchen.

"What a great looking group of classmates and spouses" is the caption for the 50-year reunion on Aug. 6, 1995, at the Fireside in Hagerstown. Also documented in the scrapbook is the class donation of books on environmental studies to Tayamentasachta, the Greencastle-Antrim School District's environmental center, in honor of the milestone reunion, followed by pages of clippings about 50-year wedding anniversaries of classmates.

"We are not getting older, we are getting better," she wrote for the 55-year reunion on Sept. 30, 2000, at Casey's. "It's so nice to see old friends and classmates and catch up on the news, and also to remember all the good times in the old days."