G-A superintendent serves lunch in Waynesboro after football bet

John Irwin
Dr. Kendra Trail, Greencastle-Antrim School District superintendent, showed up in a blue wig, with Blue Devils written on her cheeks and wearing a We Are G-A jersey to serve lunch at Waynesboro Area Senior High School Tuesday. Trail was on the losing end of a football wager with Dr. Tod Kline, Waynesboro's superintendent. JOHN IRWIN/ECHO PILOT

Waynesboro Area Senior High School had a new lunch server Tuesday as Dr. Kendra Trail, superintendent of the Greencastle-Antrim School District, made a surprise appearance.

Trail was upholding a friendly wager made with Dr. Tod Kline, Waynesboro superintendent, regarding the Waynesboro vs. G-A varsity football game on Oct. 12. The Indians beat the Blue Devils, 43-16, meaning Trail was on the wrong side of the bet for a second straight season.

Last school year, Trail wore a Waynesboro jersey for a day as a result of the inaugural deal between the neighboring superintendents.

Upon arrival Tuesday, Trail received a few training tips from Shannon Browning, WASHS kitchen manager, on proper procedure and kitchen protocol.

“I think she is doing wonderfully, she jumped right in,” said Browning. “It’s awesome that she upheld her end and is here serving lunch. It shows that they are both good sports.”

“I think it is really neat to have a fun competitive spirit,” said Trail, who noted the districts have been working on joint projects for the past two years. “Hopefully the students on both sides find that there is something a little extra to play for in these games. I view it in all in good fun.”

Kline added, “We’re trying to build professional competition between the two schools and between us. This is a safe way for us to have a little fun and it makes us all work harder in the end.”

Although Trail's Blue Devils have come up short the past two years, she said a third bet is on the table.

“I think we should switch sports to cross country, we'll have a good chance of winning there,” Trail remarked.

Kline added, “Who knows? Next year it could be a whole different ball game.”