Zoning changes OK'd in Antrim

Shawn Hardy

Zoning changes along Bemisderfer Road were approved after a brief hearing before Antrim Township supervisors Monday.

A change from highway commercial to community commercial was requested for land from Route 16 to Frederick Drive. The lots have frontage on both Bemisderfer and Grindstone Hill roads, according to Sylvia House, zoning officer.

The change would allow the land to be marketed for wider use, including housing. The Sheetz property at the corner of Route 16 and Grindstone Hill Road will remain highway commercial.

Marcy Bingaman is part of the family for whom the road is named and spoke on behalf of her mother, Janet Bemisderfer, who owns 4 wooded acres that would be nice for a house. However, with the highway commercial zoning, residential use is not allowed.

Virginia Bemisderfer Lawson of Chicago said the land "is very precious to us" and her father divided it up for homes for his children.

"I'm very disturbed with what could go in there" with highway commercial zoning "and look forward to housing," Lawson said.

Properties from Frederick Drive to the water tower are going from highway commercial to medium density residential.

Fred Frederick said he and his neighbors want the change. Some of the lots are small and many have had houses on them for many years.

The township planning commission did not support the change from highway commercial to residential, House told the supervisors. She said planners "stand firm on going to community commercial" for the entire stretch.

"The supervisors advised me to change to R-2 because it is the desire of the residents," House said.

Had the supervisors followed the planners' recommendation, the Bemisderfer Road zoning changes as well as two others would all have had to be advertising again and another hearing scheduled.

Supervisors voted 5-0 in favor of the Bemisderfer Road changes, as well as a request from Martin's Farm Trucks, Molly Pitcher Highway near State Line, to rezone a recently purchased tract from low-density residential to highway commercial and another to change a single lot on Angle Road from agricultural to low-density residential.