Subway returning to John Wayne Drive

Ben Destefan
The Subway restaurant in Greencastle is returning to its former location on John Wayne Drive (pictured). BEN DESTEFAN/ECHO PILOT

The Subway restaurant in Greencastle is returning to its previous location on John Wayne Drive.

According to franchise owner Murali Nair, the move from the current location on U.S. 11 back to the former building on John Wayne Drive is expected to be completed by the middle of November.

Nair still owns the building on John Wayne Drive, which was home to his Subway franchise and still houses a laundromat. More than a year ago, Nair bought the other Subway franchise in Greencastle to eliminate competition, and consolidated to the storefront at 112 S. Antrim Way.

There, Nair is paying rent and simply not seeing the traffic he initially thought when moving to U.S. 11 and closing his John Wayne Drive location.

Having already gained permission from corporate officials, Nair is in the process of moving his Subway franchise back to 10830 John Wayne Drive.

"With the growth in the Exit 5 area, the traffic off the interstate and already owning that building, it just made sense to move back," said Nair, who also owns the Subway stores in Waynesboro at 608 E. Main St. and in Walmart. "Corporate has approved the move, with some new-look requirements. We've already started to remodel and hope to have it ready by the second week of November."

Nair mentioned how catering for Manitowoc is such a big part of his business in Greencastle, but being across town on U.S. 11 isn't nearly as convenient John Wayne Drive.

"It's easier access from everyone, including Manitowoc," Nair said. "When I bought the Subway on Route 11 and moved there, we thought we would pick up more business. It just didn't happen. And, with currently paying rent, it makes sense to move back to a building that I own instead."

Nair also confirmed that Subway has agreed to not open any additional stores in Greencastle that would compete with his John Wayne Drive restaurant.

"This move will be more convenient for customers, and we're excited about some of the new feature," Nair said.

He expects the remodeled Subway to appeal to customers who want to take a break from traveling Interstate 81 with a sit-down meal, and those locally who just want to grab a quick bite by using a new drive-thru option.