East Walter Avenue and some alleys will be repaved

Shawn Hardy
Damage caused by water ponding on the road will be addressed by adding slope when East Walter Avenue is repaved this fall. SHAWN HARDY/ECHO PILOT.

East Walter Avenue and a number of alleys are covered in the Borough of Greencastle's paving program for 2018.

Work is expected to start soon under the $192,000 contract with Ganoe Paving.

The borough tries to do a big paving project every year or every other year, according to Eden Ratliff, borough manager. West Walter Avenue was done two years ago, while last year the focus was on alleys.

In addition to the paving, Mr. Rehab will do 1,631 feet of "cure in place" sewer line work on East Walter Avenue.

East Walter Avenue 

East Walter Avenue will be repaved from — but not including — the bridge over the railroad tracks to North Allison Street.

The street has a lot of low spots and cracking because water ponds on the road due to improper slope, according to Ratliff.

One component of the repaving project is profile milling, which will create slope and make the road last longer, he said.

At its Sept. 4 meeting, Greencastle Borough Council approved the expense of $62,777.25 for the sewer line project, also on East Walter Avenue. A videotape of the line indicates from cracking.

"Cure in place" is a trenchless replacement method that installs a premade liner. Access is made via manholes so it does not matter when the work is done in relation to the paving project.

"It's like having a new line in the old one," Ratliff said.

Ganoe Paving also will be installing Americans with Disabilities Act ramps on Linden Avenue and Grant Street, Ratliff said.

The alleys 

Alleys on the repaving schedule:

North Elm Lane from Mifflin Lane to West Madison Street

Lutz Lane from South Allison Street to South Church Lane

Fox Lane from South Carlisle Street west to South Elm Lane

South Elm Lane from West Baltimore Street to West Spruce Lane

South Elm Lane from West Franklin Street to West Dahlgren Street