Police deal with grass and weed complaints

Shawn Hardy

The Greencastle Police Department is on weed and grass patrol. The department is enforcing the borough's nuisance ordinances, which include overgrown vegetation as well as dumping and littering and noise.

The record rainfall has meant record weeds and grass, Mayor Ben Thomas Jr. said in his report at Tuesday's borough council meeting.

"Over the past several years, the borough has attempted to hire a code enforcement officer. However, this has failed. In 2017, the borough manager took over this responsibility. In August, 2018, I joined Chief (John) Phillippy in assigning certain code enforcement tasks to Officer Mike Knechtel," Thomas' report said.

Knechtel visits the offending properties and usually gets a quick response, Thomas said.

Thomas noted he and Phillippy also have personally contacted violators and most comply and deal with their grass or weeds promptly.

"I’ve heard many comments in the past two months from elected officials and citizens regarding weeds and grass," Thomas added. "Wouldn’t it be something if I could hear the same concerns regarding illegal drug use, overdoses, and investigative tools desperately needed to support interdiction and removal of such poison from Greencastle."

He said he hopes there is proper funding the in 2019 budget to address drug issues.