Antrim talks road fixes

Shawn Hardy

It's road work season and Antrim Township supervisors got a primer on materials at the Aug. 14 meeting.

Last month, Supervisor Pat Heraty said he and his fellow board members get calls, especially when the roads are resurfaced using tar and chips and not repaved.

Most of the township roads are redone using the less expensive tar-and-chip method and Heraty said he wants the process to be out in the opening.

This year, Fayetteville Contractors is repaving Craig Road with the low bid of $342,617.50.

Hammaker East Ltd. is tarring and chipping more than 30 roads on a bid $439,956.16.

Randy Shindle, a supervisor with Hammaker East has worked on Antrim Township roads for a number of years. He also serves on the St. Thomas Township Board of Supervisors.

He presented cost comparisons for double seal, two layers of tar and chips, $32,700 per mile; double seal with fog seal, done in developments, $38,132 per mile; and paving, $121,500 per mile, with an extra $30,000 if the original road has to be milled down.

The double seal tar and chip can be expected to last six to seven years and roads that have been paved still have to be resealed every 10 years.