American flag is central to this year's band show

Shawn Hardy
The six members of the pit percussion rehearsed in the shade under the overhang at the front of the high school. SHAWN HARDY/ECHO PILOT.

"Water, water, water" is a theme at Greencastle-Antrim High School band camp as members are learning a show inspired by the American flag.

Water, water, water was falling from the sky as rain soaked much of the first week of band camp last week.

Back at it Monday morning, drinking water, water, water was stressed as temperatures and humidity made it uncomfortable even before 9 a.m.

This year's ensemble has 30 marching musicians, 13 in the color guard and six in pit percussion.

Their performance doesn't have a name yet, but it has three movements each based on a color of the American flag, according to Duane DeWire, show designer. Red represents blood, white represents purity and blue represents justice, he added.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful" will be heard throughout the show, he explained.

The red part of the show will feature a flag raising, "American Overture for Band" and battle sounds.

After the battle, the flag will still be there, but lowered to half staff to represent the losses.

DeWire expects emotion from the crowd as the band plays "Precious Lord, Take My Hand," with the girls in white gowns to look like angels. They will be carrying iridescent white lame flags with a faint gray battle cross. At the end of this portion of the program, two people in military garb will fold the flag and give it to a widow.

DeWire said they are working on a Statue of Liberty flag for the blue scene, which will include a hodge-podge of songs, highlighted by Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring."

"Hopefully people will be engaged as we bring the flag to life," DeWire said.