Superintendents' wager featured in national school publication

Shawn Hardy
Dr. Kendra Trail, Greencastle-Antrim superintendent, sported a Waynesboro Indians football jersey — but displayed the G-A Blue Devils mascot — after losing last year's football bet to Dr. Tod Kline of Waynesboro. JOHN IRWIN/ECHO PILOT

The friendly wager between Dr. Kendra Trail, Greencastle-Antrim School District superintendent, and Dr. Tod Kline, Waynesboro Area School District superintendent, over last year's G-A Blue Devils vs. Waynesboro Indians football game is featured in the the August edition of the national publication School Administrator.

The LEADERSHIPLITE page item has the headline "Not Her Usual Color" and talks about how Trail donned a Waynesboro football jersey for a day on the job after G-A's 27-24 loss. The article described the jersey as purple, although the Indians colors actually are blue and gold.

The piece, one of four on the page highlighting humorous anecdotes, quips and quotes, also has Eric Holtzman admitting his involvement in the wager. Holtzman serves on the G-A board and is Waynesboro's business manager. He noted the friendly contest was held in conjunction with a combined training session for both districts' administrative teams.

School Administrator is the monthly magazine of AASA, The Superintendents Association. According to the AASA website, it is delivered to every public school superintendent in the United States who is an AASA member and others at the cabinet-level. It provides perspectives and advice on topics specific to K-12 education and the leadership of public school districts.

The Echo Pilot also gets a national plug as the source for the blurb.