Antrim-Guilford line straightening progresses

Shawn Hardy

The process needed to straighten up and define the line between Antrim and Guilford townships took another step last week when Antrim Township supervisors approved a resolution to file a joint petition with the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas to establish the municipal boundary.

Guilford Township supervisors have not met since the document was finalized, but are expected to approve it soon.

The move was initiated by Guilford Township, which previously straightened out the line with Greene Township.

Various drawings and surveys over the years showed jagged areas and left the exact location of the line unclear.

The resolution says Antrim and Guilford "have been unable to ascertain the precise location of the common boundary line between the townships."

The new line has been surveyed by TME surveying and the next step is to file the petition with the court and ask that a citizens commission be appointed to hold a hearing on the proposed boundary. Antrim Township is nominating Daryl Thrush, Guilford is nominating Randal Van Scyoc and the third recommendation is surveyor Martin Curfman, who has never worked on the boundary before, according to Antrim Township Administrator Brad Graham.

A handful of properties are affected by the redrawing of the line and those owners will not being forced to change their municipality or school district (Greencastle-Antrim or Chambersburg). The property owner can change their status at any time or wait until it is sold.

"We have met with the affected school districts," Graham added.