Borough receives CDBG funding for curb ramps

Shawn Hardy

The Borough of Greencastle is receiving $55,000 for curb ramps along Williamson Avenue.

The funding to make the sidewalk along the west side of Williamson Avenue compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act was approved Tuesday morning by Franklin County commissioners.

“The Borough of Greencastle’s curb ramp project will increase pedestrian safety and sidewalk access for residents — especially for those community members using wheelchairs, walkers or strollers,” said Dave Keller, chairman of the commissioners.

The ramps will be installed at the four streets off Williamson Avenue between U.S. 11 and the borough line, according to Eden Ratliff, borough manager, who noted the application for the funding was made in 2015 by then-Borough Manager Susan Armstrong.

"Curb ramps are designed to allow individuals with mobility disabilities to more easily enter or exit the sidewalk and are found at intersections or mid-block road crossings. Installation of curb ramps moves the Borough of Greencastle closer to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code compliance," said a news release from the commissioners.

Ratliff has consulted the borough engineer and it may be too late in the season to put the project out to bid so the work may not be done until next year.

The borough has a strong track record for receiving CDBG funds, with the most recent project being the sidewalk on Jefferson Street between Baltimore and Franklin streets in 2016, Ratliff said.