Antrim targets customers delinquent on sewer bills

Shawn Hardy

Notices went out Monday, July 16, to 50 Antrim Township sewer customers delinquent on their accounts who owe a combined $54,682.

They each are behind at least $500 — over a year without paying, according to Jennifer Becknell, township secretary-treasurer.

The first letter gives the customers 60 days to pay before their sewer is shut off. They also will receive 30-day and 10-day notices.

Becknell told supervisors at last week's meeting that the first time the township took this approach everyone paid and no service was disconnected.

In other business last week:

  • Supervisors gave Paul Strausner of Paul's Fur Shed 30 days to finishing cleaning up his property at 446 Buchanan Trail West.

A neighbor first complained about “the stench of rotting bodies and the burning of animal scraps" in late 2016 and enforcement started after a new solid waste and burning ordinance was passed in December 2017.

Sylvia House, zoning officer, said much of the property has been cleaned up and there is no evidence of burning, but a large pile of salt and a ring with hair and animal residue about the size of two pallets remain.

Strausner said he trying to finish the clean up, but he is 73 years old and "it's hard to get help when it's hot. I'm trying to comply if I want to stay in business, but if I don't stay in business it doesn't matter."

  • House is sending a letter to Green Grove Gardens, 1032 Buchanan Trail East, where there occasionally are large events with parking outside the approved area.

She wants Green Grove to be able to such gatherings, but the township needs to be notified.

"A meeting needs to be held to establish procedures for large events," she said.