1773 Va. half-penny donated to museum

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Bruce McLanahan presents a 1773 Virginia half-penny found in Greencastle to Bonnie Shockey of Allison-Antrim Museum.

On June 14, Bruce McLanahan, native of Greencastle, donated a copper 1773 Virginia half-penny to Allison-Antrim Museum’s collection of local bank notes, paper money, stock certificates and coins.

McLanahan, a numismatist, believes that the 1773 coin is the oldest coin found in Greencastle. On the front of the coin is the image of King George IV.

When McLanahan was in junior high school, his aunt gave him $5 to purchase the Virginia half-penny, which was found in the garden at 32 E. Baltimore St. McLanahan’s interest in coin collecting was sparked by the late Bill Kemmler, a science teacher at the Greencastle-Antrim Junior-Senior School.  McLanahan said it was Kemmler who fostered the interest in coin collecting in many students when he established the first coin club around 1960.

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