Kids go bananas at Krislund Camp

Shawn Hardy
Marlee Duffey and Evelynn McDonald hold Murphie Hickle Pickle — Murph for short — between their backs for an event during the Krislund Camp Banana Olympics Wednesday at Jerome R. King Playground. SHAWN HARDY/ECHO PILOT.

Bananas named Geraldine Smith, Bob the Banana or Mr. BB, Minions Toopy Bob and Murphie Hickle Pickle — Murph for short — were a key players Wednesday morning at Krislund Camp being hosted by Greencastle Presbyterian Church at Jerome R. King Playground.

The Banana Olympics are part of the camp being offered for the first time this year in Greencastle. Staffers from the Krislund Camp and Conference Center — a ministry of the Huntingdon, Northumberland and Carlisle Presbyteries — bring the camp experience to town, including Bible study, fun and contemporary worship songs, games like gaga and 9 Square in the Air, water play and crafts such as building things with marshmallows and spaghetti and making tie-dye shirts.

At the playground, they divided into four teams with the same leader each day. The teams squared off in the Banana Olympics, which included activities like two people carrying the banana between their backs, one person carrying it between their knees and passing a banana dipped in baby oil from one to another.

Just over three dozen youngsters got involved in three days of camp at the playground, according to Jean Widder, a church volunteer.

"We wanted something that looked a little different than Vacation Bible School," Widder said. "A lot of the kids here are not from out church so it's an outreach in the community. The feedback has been really, really good."

Twenty-two campers are continuing the experience and getting a taste of sleep-away camp at Krislund Camp near State College with an overnighter Thursday.

"It's a nice introduction for kids who have not gone to a full week of camp," Widder said, noting opportunities include rock climbing, high ropes, worship and vespers.