Convenience will not be OK reason for school bus change

Shawn Hardy

Requests for bus changes for the convenience of parents or guardians will no longer be accepted in the Greencastle-Antrim School District beginning next year.

Dr. Kendra Trail, superintendent, outlined the change that takes effect in the 2018-19 school year at Thursday night's school board meeting.

The most frequent request that will not be allowed is if a parent is off for the day and wants the child to go home on a different bus instead of the one normally taken to the baby sitter's.

Exceptions will include if day care is closed, there is early dismissal or a parent is off work for more than five days or in case of a medical emergency.

Trail said one reason for the change is the number of people who have to be involved in each request, including secretaries, bus drivers and teachers.

Teachers have to be sure each child gets on the right bus and that can be difficult with frequent changes.

In addition, some buses are pretty full, according to Trail, who also said fewer changes make a better routine for children.

"I think for the safety of the kids it's important," said Tracy Baer, school board member.