Solid waste ordinance being enforced

Shawn Hardy

Antrim Township is enforcing the solid waste ordinance enacted in December.

Tuesday night, supervisors granted a 30-day extension for one property and agreed to send notice of noncompliance concerning another.

The township receives frequent complaints about properties where junk accumulates and Sylvia House, code enforcement and zoning officer, is investigating about 10 others.

"A lot of residents have been waiting on this ordinance," she said.

The initial step in the process is to a file a complaint, which the zoning office will then investigate.

If the property is in violation, a letter will be sent giving the property owner time to contact the township, which will offer a solution. If the problem is not remedied, then enforcement may begin, with fines as steep as $500 to $1,000 per violation per day, according to House.

*** In the works ***

Supervisors agreed to a request from House to send a letter to Paul Strausner of Paul's Fur Shed giving him 30 days to complete cleanup of his property at 446 Buchanan Trail West. It was a neighboring property owner's complaints about animal debris and other issues at Strausner's property that started the township looking at a solid waste ordinance.

Strausner has done a lot to clean up the property but is still not in complete compliance, House said.

Strausner was at the meeting and said he has been working with the township, but the ordinance has not been in place that long.

"I cleaned up the deer hides and I am working on the beef hides, but it can't just go away overnight," Strausner said.

House said technically a complaint could be filed against Strausner for fines through the magisterial district justice office, but "since the property owner has made such progress" she wants to give him a little more time.

Supervisors also authorized House to send a letter to both the property owner and tenant at 3657 West Ave., where there appears to be a business operating and junk accumulating. House said the property is approved for residential and not business use and the township has received multiple complaints.