Volunteers needed for borough boards

Shawn Hardy

People are needed to fill five vacancies on Greencastle boards and councilmen stressed the importance of volunteerism at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Three people were reappointed to their posts, but council delayed action on another position because they want to meet the candidate.

Reappointed were Larry Trautner, three-year term. zoning hearing board; Tony Homer, planning commission, four-year term; and Jeremy Timmons, sidewalk and curb board of appeals, five year-term.

Council did not act on the appointment of Zach Burt to a five-year term on the Greencastle Area, Franklin County, Water Authority to replace long-time member Bud O’Mara whose term expired at the end of 2017.

Councilman Larry Faight said O’Mara leaves big shoes to fill and the appointment is important so he wants to meet Burt first.

Councilman Duane Kinzer said he wants to emphasize that each position is important and “the zoning hearing board has more power than we do.” He added that sometimes vacancies are just filled without a lot of consideration.

Council President Frank Webster noted people are “not beating doors down to serve.” He encouraged people to think about volunteering time to the borough.

Vacancies include shade tree commission, five-year term; vacancy board chairman, one-year term; civil service commission, two six-year terms; and zoning hearing board, three-year term.

Anyone interested should call borough hall at 717-597-7143.