Greencastle pair arrested in homicide

Andrea Rose
Tosha Daley & Nicholas Vonallen Shinn

Two Greencastle residents were charged Friday morning after an investigation into a homicide Thursday in Greene Township.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Jamie Ruth Daley, 46, was found dead outside her home in the

3700 block of Mountain Shadow Circle, off Black Gap Road between Scotland and Fayetteville.

On Friday, police charged Nicholas Vonallen Shinn, 21, and Tosha Daley, 26, both of the 200 block of S. Allison St., Greencastle, in the incident.

According to Pennsylvania State Police Spokesman Brent Miller, Jamie Daley's body showed signs of multiple stab wounds by a knife and signs of blunt force trauma.

An autopsy is being conducted at Lehigh Valley Medical Center to determine an exact cause of death.

*** Murder and a BOLO ***

According to Miller, state police received a call around 11:30 a.m. Thursday by someone who was at the property to perform a voluntary repossession of a black Jeep owned by Jamie Daley.

The caller said he heard what he thought was a verbal and physical altercation originating from inside the garage of the home and wanted police to check out the situation.

When emergency personnel responded, they discovered Jamie Daley "hunched over," covered in blood and unresponsive next to the front porch.

Police observed that the front door of the garage was ajar and a large pool of blood was on the garage floor.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, upon further investigation, police found bloody footprints leading up the stairs to the first floor of the home and blood in other areas of the residence.

"The scene was very gruesome," Miller admitted.

Another witness in the neighborhood reported she saw a male walking away from the residence through yards and then getting into a black Jeep driven by a woman with blonde hair.

Police issued a Be On the Lookout for the Jeep, which was located Thursday afternoon in the 200 block of South Washington Street in Greencastle.

After an investigation, Shinn and Tosha Daley were taken into custody.

"It's a good day for law enforcement that we have two people in custody. It was really a team effort. We put the pieces together to bring the victim justice," Miller said. "We want to thank the public and witnesses who came forward with information that led to the development of suspects in the case."

*** Burglary gone wrong or murder-for-hire? ***

Jamie Daley was Tosha Daley's step-mother.

According to police, Daley said she and Shinn planned to steal money from Jamie's residence and that she drove Shinn to Mountain Shadows, stopping on a street behind the residence where Shinn exited the vehicle and headed towards the home.

Shinn, however, according to the affidavit, told police Tosha Daley was upset with her stepmother and there was a recent conflict between the two over the Jeep being repossessed and that Tosha had found out about Jamie's life insurance policy and he was going to get paid $30,000 "to whack her stepmom."

Shinn said he could not recall much of what occurred after he entered the residence through an unlocked rear sliding door.

Shinn has been charged with murder of the first degree; conspiracy to commit murder of the first degree; burglary; conspiracy to commit burglary; robbery; conspiracy to commit robbery; theft by unlawful taking or disposition; and conspiracy to commit theft by unlawful taking or disposition.

Tosha Daley was charged with murder of the first degree with accomplice liability; criminal solicitation murder of the first degree; criminal conspiracy murder of the first degree; murder of the second degree; burglary-overnight accommodations-person present with accomplice liability; criminal conspiracy burglary; criminal solicitation burglary; robbery with accomplice liability; criminal conspiracy robbery; criminal solicitation robbery; theft by unlawful taking or disposition with accomplice liability; criminal conspiracy theft by unlawful taking or disposition; criminal solicitation theft by unlawful taking or disposition.

Both Shinn and Daley are being held in Franklin County Jail without bail awaiting preliminary hearings Dec. 19.