Councilman enjoys a different Greencastle

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Greencastle, Pennsylvania, Councilman Matthew Smith bicycled into Greencastle, Indiana, last week en route to Las Vegas.

Greencastle Borough Councilman Matthew Smith is raising money for the child abuse prevention organization Blue Ribbons 4 Justice during a three -week bicycle ride from Greencastle to Las Vegas. He left town on Oct. 15 and his travels can be tracked through his feed on Facebook. Here’s what he wrote from the road last week:

So, nine days in the road and that seems crazy to me that I have been at this so long already. I have had maybe two ideal days. The majority of the trip had less than perfect weather. Cold, rainy and excessive winds.

So far the high point of the trip was riding to and staying in Greencastle, Indiana. This Greencastle is much larger than ours but still has a lot of the old small town characteristics we are proud of in Pennsylvania. I actually had two locals, Clint and Dan, reach out to me because they wanted to ride it of town with me. It was nice not riding solo even for an hour.

I'm about halfway done with the ride and there have been a number of times I have wondered ... What was I thinking? This has been more difficult than I ever expected but will continue plugging along.

I really appreciate all of the support and all of those that have donated to Blueribbons4justice. Donations can always be give from their website.