Waste Management stops collecting glass for recycling

Shawn Hardy and Dustin Haluska
This letter from Waste Management about no longer accepting glass for recycling is posted at the Montgomery Township building.

Glass is off the list of items being accepted locally from individuals by Waste Management for recycling.

"We partner with Apple Valley Waste Materials Recycling, and take our recyclables to their facility in Hagerstown for processing,” according Erika Deyarmin-Young, Waste Management’s public affairs coordinator for Western Pennsylvania. “Because the local and regional market demand for glass cullet has continued to decline over the past few years, this facility has asked us to help remove this material from our recycling stream.”

Apple Valley Waste handled 8,000 tons of glass last year from the tri-state area, Lisa Kardell, director of public affairs for Waste Management, said.

"Apple Valley no longer has outlets for the glass, no processors that have a need for that glass again," explained Kardell.

"We continue to look for other options but we also have to factor in transportation costs and rates for accepting recyclables," she said.

The move not only applies to residential collection, but also to local residents who take their recyclables to the Antrim Township Recycling Center, their trash and recyclables to the Mountain View Reclamation landfill at Upton or their trash and recyclables to the Montgomery Township building on Saturdays. Because Antrim and Montgomery townships host the landfill, residents can dispose of their trash for free. Greencastle residents also can take their trash to the landfill for free.

“Recycling drop off locations in Antrim and Montgomery Township, along with our location at Mountain View Reclamation Landfill, will have signs posted by Nov. 1 directing customers to not recycle their glass at these bins,” according to Deyarmin-Young.

The terms of agreements with local municipalities that contract with Waste Management are being examined, Deyarmin-Young said.

Two weeks ago, the Borough of Chambersburg authorized legal action, if necessary, to make sure Waste Management continues to collect glass with other recyclables in the borough.

“This is about protecting the people who live in the Borough of Chambersburg,” Council President Allen Coffman said. “We have a valid contract that was publicly bid and we intend to hold Waste Management to the terms of the agreement they signed. We will not allow garbage rate increases to our residents and our businesses that may come if Waste Management stops collecting glass.”

“While the recycling industry continues to change with the passage of time, particularly with regard to the viability of recycling glass, Waste Management wants to make very clear that we intend to honor in full our current agreements with customers that use our recycling services,” according to Deyarmin-Young. “Additionally, we are continuing to work with all our customers on proper recycling education.”

Glass should be discarded with regular trash, while plastic bottles and jugs, metal and aluminum cans and paper and cardboard will still be recycled. 

For more information about recycling, visit www.recycleoftenrecycleright.com