Mountains and rain challenge councilman

Matthew Smith For Echo Pilot
Matthew Smith is shown with Ronald, a man who invited him into his home for the night Sunday evening. "He truly saved me that night and I am a better person for running into him along the road," Smith said.

Editor's note: Greencastle Borough Councilman Matthew Smith is raising money for the child abuse prevention organization Blue Ribbons 4 Justice during a three-week bicycle ride from Greencastle to Las Vegas. He left town Oct. 15 and his route will take him through Greencastle, Indiana. His travels may be tracked through his feed on Facebook. To donate to Blue Ribbons 4 Justice, visit www.blueribbons4justice.com.

I'm three days in and, to be honest, it has been very difficult.

I really underestimated West Virginia. The mountains are beyond beautiful—unless you're trying to ride up them. 

Then came a full day of rain, storms and wind.

This trip has not gone as planned, but that is OK. It has still been an amazing ride so far.

Looking forward to Ohio on Wednesday!

It is funny the people that you just run into.  Not five hours in on Sunday, we were adjusting my bike and a gentleman stopped and wanted a picture. He had been a victim of abuse when he was a kid and what we are doing really spoke to him, which got me thinking ... .

Blueribbons4justice has been trying to get an already in existence abuse registry made public for a number of years now. 

They have taken their requests to our state representatives, just to be brushed aside.  That, to me, is very disappointing. 

Why wouldn't we want this list public?  Why can't Blueribbons4justice get any help? 

I'm guessing that there would be movement on this if it directly impacted the state leadership that makes these decisions.  I truly hope we can get this registry public before too many people are negatively impacted.