Williamson Road bridge supposed to be done Aug. 31

Shawn Hardy

Another new date for the completion of the Williamson Road bridge was presented to Antrim Township supervisors Tuesday evening. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation project is now supposed to be done Aug. 31.

The township has received a flurry of recent calls about the ongoing closure of Williamson Road, likely prompted by signs going up for detours for the Shinham Road culvert replacement planned by the county, according to Rodney Eberly, township road master.

Shinham is the detour route for Williamson Road and the county work is expected to start Sept. 5.

In addition, prep work is starting for a township project involving pipe replacement, widening and repaving of Sportsman’s Road and a portion of Kuhn Road. Sportman’s Road runs off of Williamson Road west of where it is currently closed for the bridge replacement.

The bridge replacement was initially supposed to be finished by Aug. 7.

Eberly said the latest information given to Brad Graham, township administrator, has the work begin finished by Aug. 31.