Campers create unique works of art

Andrea Rose
Bregon Patterson works on a watercolor seascape during a summer art camp at The Write Cup in Greencastle.

Bregon Patterson loves the Kansas City Royals. He proudly describes a Fathead wall graphic he has of the Royals on his bedroom wall.

"We moved here from Kansas City," Bregon, 9, explained.

But soon, another item will hang in his bedroom. This one will be a prized work of art from a very talented artist: Bregon himself at the summer art camp this week at The Write Cup in Greencastle.

Each day of the camp for kids focused on a different art project, from watercolors to acrylic paints to clay.

"We are all doing the same thing, but some are a little bit different as some kids may have more experience than others," explained Denise Urban, owner of The Write Cup and art instructor for the week.

On Tuesday, the students gathered around tables with watercolor palettes to create a seascape.

"This is your picture. Do whatever makes you happy," Urban told the kids. "If you want to paint a sea, paint a sea. If you want to paint a desert, paint a desert. Make it a portrait or a landscape."

The students took their time choosing colors and brushing their papers.

Reagan Johnson, 7, said she liked the painting, but was looking forward to another project.

"I like to use clay," she said. "I like to make pots and bowls."

Bregon worked on his seascape and knew exactly what he would do with his camp art.

"I will hang them on my bedroom wall," he said with a grin.

"They are all so talented," Urban said, as she looked over the shoulders of her campers.

Those who missed out on this camp may have an opportunity to attend later this summer.

"We have had a lot of interest in the camp," Urban said. "I might do another one in July."

For more information on the camp and other programs, follow The Write Cup on Facebook.