Board approves work at primary, elementary

Shawn Hardy

The Greencastle-Antrim School Board approved more than $1.1 million in upgrades at the elementary and primary schools that will wrap up a multi-year set of ESCO (energy savings) projects at last week’s meeting.

The work started in 2015 at the high school, followed by the middle school.

The district has borrowed $18,540,000 for the work and will probably issue a “clean-up” bond, according to Jolinda “JC” Wilson, chief financial support services officer.

Board President James Winslow said he was questioned by two people about the expenditure when the district is facing a $2 million deficit in the 2017-18 budget.

He explained the ESCO project is a separate payment via bonds and not part of the normal budget.

“These are things we planned for and needed done,” Winslow said.

They are “bare-bones” projects without bells and whistles, improving building function, not appearance, Wilson explained earlier.

In order to have equipment on hand for summer installation, the board voted last month to go ahead with HVAC upgrades at the primary school at $2.7 million.

Last week, the board OK’d:

Primary school video upgrade, $79,614

Primary school carpeting, $227,940

Primary school intercom upgrade, $54,673

Primary school stair tread replacement, $15,657

Primary school clock upgrade, $45,008

Elementary school intercom upgrade, $52,673

Elementary school carpeting, $264,468

Cyberlock upgrade, $369,769