Medical marijuana facility regulations discussed in Antrim

Shawn Hardy

A question posed to Antrim Township Zoning Officer Sylvia House by a resident about where a medical marijuana facility would be allowed to locate in the township came up during Tuesday’s supervisors meeting.

Nothing related to medical marijuana has been proposed in the township.

House reached out to Washington Township and Chambersburg where medical marijuana facilities are in the works. She said they are not doing anything beyond state regulations.

“State regulations are pretty strict,” said House.

She said where a medical marijuana business could locate in the township would be based on the nature of the operation. For example, growing it would be considered agriculture, distributing it would be commercial and processing it could fall under the light manufacturing permitted in highway commercial and industrial zones.

“We don’t list every possible use, we list categories,” House explained.

Pat Coggins, vice president of development for Atapco Properties, on hand for a separate issue on the agenda, said his firm is involved in building a medical marijuana facility in Maryland.

“It’s a very industrial operation with high security,” Coggins said, noting armored cars are used to transport the product.

John Lisko, township solicitor, added that medical marijuana is a pharmaceutical product and not a drug used to get high. He said the facility in Washington Township will have 24-hour security and a barbed wire fence.

Supervisor Fred Young recommended the township “defer to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania” if a medical marijuana facility were to be proposed.