Fur Shed comes up at Antrim Township meeting

Shawn Hardy

The Fur Shed again came up at the Antrim Township meeting Tuesday night, with both a neighbor’s complaints about carcasses on the property and the owner’s explanation.

At least two of the supervisors plan to visit Paul Strausner’s Fur Shed at on Buchanan Trail West themselves and Sylvia House, zoning and code officer, continues to prepare updates to the township’s solid waste and burning regulations.

Nathaniel Martin, who lives nearby, first talked to supervisors about the property at the end of February. He complained about “the stench of rotting bodies and the burning of animal scraps.”

Martin said, “Paul pretty much lied his face off to the magistrate” about smoke being the only complaint at a recent hearing concerning Strausner’s lack of a Pennsylvania furrier’s license.

Strausner said the license lapse was an oversight, he has paid a fine and court costs and is now has a license. He said the carcasses are usually not out in the open and he regularly takes them to the landfill, especially if the weather is warm. He said he is looking into using a Dumpster next year, which is what a lot of other furriers in the state do.

Martin said that will be “rotting flesh in a steel box.”

Strausner said he is not sure it is legal how Martin “came on my property and took photos without my permission.”

Supervisor Rick Baer told Strausner he wants to stop by the property and Supervisor Pat Heraty asked to go along, too.

“Mr. Martin clearly has issues with a business you have a right to run and this board has been asked to intercede in a neighbor conflict,” Heraty said. “We don’t want to get in the middle of it, but we will try to foster an environment where you can work it out.”