Shockey Foundation donations to High Line Train Station project

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Echo Pilot
Members of the Shockey family present a check to members of the board of the Greencastle Area Youth Foundation for the High Line Train Station.

The Reopen, Repair and Restore project for Greencastle’s High Line Train Station received $50,000 from the Paul and Anna Shockey Family Foundation on Feb. 18.

Members of the Greencastle Area Youth Foundation, the board that manages the building, were on hand to receive a donation from Ken and Bonnie Shockey and their daughter Jodi Plum, her husband Eric, and sons Owen and Reece on behalf of the the foundation.

“It’s a blessing to have people like Ken and Bonnie in the community who care so much about preserving Greencastle’s heritage,” remarked Scott Sutton, GAYF president. “This donation will allow us to complete the repairs to the dormers and eaves at the station, upgrade the electrical system and establish some historical exhibits for the community to enjoy. These projects are a big part of the long range plan we’ve developed to Reopen, Repair and Restore the High Line.”

The Shockey family’s donation to the High Line Train Station is just the latest in a legacy of giving to area non-profits. Past recipients of the Shockeys’ generosity include the Fulton County Medical Center, the Fulton County Library in McConnellsburg, Medic 2 in Greencastle, the Fulton County Sports Complex, the children's section of the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library, the Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library, the Blue Ridge Summit Free Library, the Waynesboro Historical Society, Greencastle-Antrim High School for auditorium lighting, sound and repairs to the grand piano, the Monterey Pass Battlefield Park and last year’s startup of the WRGG radio station.

Ken Shockey credits his parents for instilling his love of community and charitable nature.

His father, Paul Shockey, was a member of what Tom Brokaw called “the Greatest Generation” and like his peers of that time led a life characterized by hard work, prudent savings and a humble nature.

After graduating from Smithsburg High School, he served a stint in the U.S. Navy before earning a degree in mechanical engineering from Duke University in 1947. His work career had a humble beginning as a member of the apprentice program with the Landis Tool Co. in Waynesboro before he went on to work at Fairchild. His career took an auspicious turn when he accepted a position at Grove Manufacturing in 1959 as the company’s first mechanical engineer. After a successful tenure at Grove Manufacturing, he left with John L. Grove to co-found JLG Industries in McConnellsburg.

As successful as he was in his career he never forgot the community he loved, often quietly and anonymously donating to local organizations in need. His generosity continued after he passed away in 2012 through the Paul and Anna Shockey Family Foundation, established to continue the family’s charitable ways.

For the first couple of years after his passing, the family continued to give back to the community quietly. That changed three years ago when the family became more public with their giving in hopes of inspiring others to give. After supporting Waynesboro’s Alexander Hamilton Library in 2014, Ken Shockey reflected on his father and mother’s philanthropic nature and the family’s decision to go public.

"He was always paying back to the community, mostly anonymously. He and my mother were never ones to have their names on buildings," said Shockey. "But we decided it was time to honor them and their longtime support for community causes."