Class ring found...decades later

Shawn Hardy
Gladys (Hykes) Henson's class ring from Greencastle-Antrim High School is now back in her possession more than 40 years after it went missing.

Gladys (Hykes) Henson doesn't really know when she lost her Greencastle-Antrim High School class ring and Mike Shockey doesn't recall exactly where he found it more than four decades ago, but after a bit of online detective work owner and ring are reunited.

The G-A Class of 1968 ring with her March birthstone, aquamarine, arrived at Henson's DeBary, Florida, home on Dec. 27.

Mike Shockey thinks he found the ring in 1972 in Rouzerville in the parking lot or behind Dink Baer's Exxon station or in Red Run Creek when he was 12.

He gave it to his mother, Dorothy Hebb, who kept looking for an ad for a lost ring in the newspaper. It never appeared and she stored the ring in her jewelry box. She told her son and daughter-in-law, Sherry Shockey, about the ring a year ago and gave it to them a month ago.

"I said, 'Let's start digging around and see who we can find,'" Sherry Shockey recalls. "It was neat to track her down and find her ... after a little luck and a bunch of snooping."

The Shockeys are "huge into history" and she got to work on a newspaper archives search, looking to match the initials in the ring with someone from the G-AHS Class of 1968.

"With the initials in the ring, that narrowed it down to two people," she said. "I did Google searches of those two people. One lady had the wrong middle initial. Mrs. Henson's matched perfectly."

Henson includes her maiden name on Facebook and that's where Shockey found her and her daughter, Lori Funk.

Alert to online scams, Henson was skeptical when Shockey messaged her.

"I feel so bad, I wouldn't answer because I didn't know her," Henson said.

Funk checked Shockey out and the next time she called, Henson answered.

"She knew when I said, 'I may have found something of yours,'" Shockey said. "She said, 'Oh my goodness, you found my class ring.'"

Henson bowled at the alley in Rouzerville and may have lost the ring stopping for gas, according to Shockey.

Henson remembers realizing her ring was missing when preparing to move into a new home with her husband, Amos.

"My mom (Dolly Hykes) gave me the devil for a while about losing the ring, then, I forgot about it," Henson said.

She is now wearing the ring on her little finger and said, "It's a pretty as I remembered it. Sherry's wonderful. I can't believe she would go through all that to find me. I'm so grateful."