Residents sound off about curb repair bills

Zach Glenn

At least two residents have complained to the borough of Greencastle after they were surprised by a bill that came to their homes earlier this month.

Greencastle is requiring residents on certain roads to perform repairs on the curb near their homes. Some of the curb repair can cause damage to the street near the curb. The people who did the repairs on their curb were expected to be responsible for the damage cause by the repair, but at least two people attended the meeting to protest.

Both of the residents were from Edward Drive which is one of the more recent neighborhoods where curb repair was required. Joe Krouse, one of the men at the meeting, said that he received his bill for the repair on Oct. 4.

"I don't know why I got a bill in the first place. Nobody told me I had to blacktop," said Krouse.

Fred Buhrman, the other man that complained, was upset not because he received a bill, but because he wasn't given advanced notice that he'd be on the line for repairs.

"I got a letter saying that I had to do the curb and the sidewalk about a month ago. I just think that (the repair order) should have had a notice in it (about the blacktop)," said Buhrman.

The council took the opportunity to remind both men that issues like these are the kind that are best to bring before the borough manager. They also took the opportunity to introduce Eden Ratliff to the crowd and told people that if you have a problem in the community that Ratliff should be one of your first stops in looking for help.

Frank Webster, president of the council, also reminded both of the men that the regulations that require people to pay for any damage they caused to the blacktop during repairs have been around for a while.

"When I did this I had to do the macadam to the curve just like you," said Webster.

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