Working in Greencastle to cost $52 next year


Anyone who works in the Borough of Greencastle will have to pay for the privilege starting next year.

The Greencastle Borough Council voted unanimously Monday to enact a Local Services Tax, effective Jan. 1, 2013. The $52 fee will be assessed on anyone who works in the borough.

Borough Solicitor Sam Wiser estimated it would bring Greencastle $70,000 in revenue. Twenty-five percent of what the tax generates is required to be used for emergency services. Borough manager Ken Womack said the rest could be used for road construction or property tax relief.

The tax applies to anyone who earns over $12,000 a year.

Surrounding municipalities of Waynesboro, Washington Township, Chambersburg, Mercersburg and Shippensburg impose the tax. Council president Charles Eckstine saw it as a way to collect from out-of-town people who worked in Greencastle and utilized the borough's services. Some residents pay the tax in the other communities where they are employed.

"We'll recapture what they're paying elsewhere," Mayor Robert Eberly said.