Antrim supervisors revisit space needs

— By PAT FRIDGEN, Echo Pilot

The Antrim Township municipal building may get an extreme makeover, but supervisor James Byers told his peers the cost would shock them. On Aug. 28 the board discussed the recommendation of supervisors Pat Heraty and John Alleman, members of the Building Committee, to essentially gut the building and reconfigure it. They had met with administrator Brad Graham and zoning officer Sylvia House to determine needs. A professional service company used previously, Centura Associates in Chambersburg, had been asked to submit a proposal to draw up plans and specifications. Their price of $17,500 included administering the project, handling the bid process, site visits and other duties.

Fred Young III and James Byers preferred another quote for comparison purposes.

The committee wanted to make extensive changes to the building, including higher ceilings in a larger meeting room, updated lighting, a sound system, ADA compliant bathrooms, better air quality, replacing a cracked boiler, and making a nicer lobby. The offices would also be redesigned.

Byers wanted the bathrooms remodeled by contractors, but preferred to do the cosmetic work inhouse. He didn't support major alterations.

Alleman liked a more modern building. "We're hoping to grow the township. We want to have a good appearance on our side when somebody comes to us and says, 'Is this a good place to be?'"

"It's going to be unreal what this will cost," stated Byers.

Alleman said the alternatives were to bulldoze the building and build new or move.

A motion to accept Centura's proposal passed 4-1, with Rick Baer also in agreement, and Byers opposed. Young voted yes to keep things moving.

Other business

Robert Johnson, State Line, asked for a burn ban because a neighbor was burning household garbage and hauled-in materials. He had filed a complaint with the township and contacted DEP. No action was taken.

A review of the annual audit by Chuck Frame, Boyer & Ritter, showed a positive change in all of the fund balances. The overall balance was $22 million, which Frame called "extremely healthy." He suggested that manual adjustments to customer accounts be approved by a supervisor, and to consider separation of duties regarding payroll, difficult to do in a small office.

Since the final documents from Atapco and Matrix were not in hand concerning the right-of-way on Antrim Way South at Commerce Drive, the board authorized Graham to send a notice that in 10 days the township would hire a surveyor and begin condemnation proceedings. Antrim solicitor John Lisko said surveys by PennDOT and Matrix differed by two feet and the parties were trying to work it out.

The board hired CET Engineering Services to conduct a dewatering study at the wastewater treatment plant. The report was due to DEP by Nov. 15 or penalties would apply.

CET was also hired to purchase nutrient credits for Antrim since the amount of nitrogen released into the stream was more than allowed under the MPDES permit. Service Group Manager Scott Crosswell said part of the problem was leachate coming from the landfill. Public works director Carl Rundquist said Mt. View Reclamation sent about 50,000 gallons of water a day, but was doing all that was required.

Lisko was appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board so he could represent the township at a pending appeal.