WHAT'S GOING ON: With flooding in Greencastle?

A natural streambed waves through the area of Moss Spring. One side appears to be lined with purposely planted bushes. Weeds have taken over the ditch.

Some residents on the south side of Moss Spring Estates are concerned that water flowing down a natural path between the swim club and Eikers Garage is the source of flooding during wet times.

Borough officials disagree. Manager Ken Womack has looked into the complaints and a borough engineer has also been on the scene. They said water getting into neighborhood basements after heavy rains is not coming from the ditch, but from flow on Tyrone Street.

Under Allison Street the runoff enters a drainage pit in the parking lot of the ballfield. There the borough admits the buried pipes are not large enough to handle excessive flow. The water enters the stormwater management system at the Madison Street underpass.

Womack said the original source of water is runoff from the Moss Spring development, but DEP regulates the public waterway. While borough crews occasionally do some cleaning of the overgrowth, they don't want to mess with the property too much.

"Then we'd need a DEP permit, and that's what we're trying to avoid," said Womack.

He also doesn't think the weeds hamper water flow to a significant degree.