New Kaley Field scoreboard sits in limbo

The new scoreboard purchased for Kaley Field is still sitting in its packaging on the high school parking lot. A permitting issue has delayed its installation and left officials to rely on the old scoreboard so far this fall season.

Greencastle-Antrim School District officials must be keeping their fingers crossed each time they use the scoreboard at Kaley Field for an event. Declared “done” last spring, the 40-year-old scoreboard was to have been replaced before the fall athletic season. With several soccer, field hockey and now a football game played so far at the complex, the old scoreboard has been used while the new one sits in its packaging on the high school parking lot.

The school board approved purchase of the just over $49,000 digital scoreboard in May. Superintendent Dr. Greg Hoover told the board then that the current scoreboard “has died”. He said parts were not available for the old sign and it could not be repaired. However the old scoreboard has had to be nursed back to health while officials deal with a municipal issue.

Hoover said since the new scoreboard has a message board it is considered electronic and comes under the Borough of Greencastle sign ordinance. The school district may have to seek a variance in order to erect the new scoreboard.

“We ran into a snag trying to get the permit for the new scoreboard to go up,” related Hoover. “We have been given the go ahead to put it up, but just not use the message board yet until we get a variance approved.”

The new scoreboard offers the capability of digital advertising, which officials hope will help recoup the purchase price.

Hoover said Tuesday he is waiting for word from borough officials on the status of the variance. If the district needs to apply, it would cost $350.

Hoover said the installers had been waiting for the permit before getting started. He added that since the borough has given the go ahead to put the sign up, but just not use the message board until the issue is decided, the installers could begin anytime. He did not have a timeline for that process.

Another home football game is scheduled Friday with hockey and soccer held on most other weeknights.

“The old scoreboard is hit or miss,” Hoover related. “It worked Friday night, but it didn’t for an event a few days before. We never know.”