G-A elementary students are meeting the press

Students of Alison Feick-Beattie will start an elementary school newspaper. The youngsters interviewed a reporter to get tips on gathering news.

A slew of reporters will be gathering news at Greencastle-Antrim Elementary School in 2013. The enrichment class guided by Alison Feick-Beattie will publish a student newspaper three times during the second half of the school year.

The third, fourth and fifth graders are excited for the opportunity.

“I want to have fun and teach my fellow students about what is happening at school, for instance, what new books are in the library,” said David Pittman, 10.

Lio Salazar, 10, wants to keep everyone up to speed on current developments at school. He plans to share announcements by music teacher Alyson Balascik, art teacher Alex Miller, gym teacher Donnie Cordell, and computer teacher John Root.

Feick-Beattie, elementary guidance counselor/gifted coordinator, wanted a project to help the students learn while incorporating their varied interests. A newspaper would let them run with many topics, utilizing several ways to gather information. She said the youngsters will research online and interview people. They are pitching ideas to include trivia questions, math problems and other fun activities alongside the school news.

Renee Hawbaker, 9, is ready. “I love to write stories.”

Emma Paci, 10, has a concept in mind. “I think it would be cool to do surveys with the students on what they like.”

The students have gathered monthly since the start of the school term, but Feick-Beattie expects to double the frequency once the press gets rolling.