Resident upset with demand of athetists

— By PAT FRIDGEN, Echo Pilot
Jeff Todd is not happy with the moves on the Greencastle-Antrim community by atheists.

The efforts by three Harrisburg area atheists to stop Greencastle-Antrim school board prayer rubbed Jeff Todd the wrong way. Carl Silverman, Ernest Perce V and Brian Fields, representing state and national atheist organizations, appeared at the Aug. 16 meeting and told the board to stop the group prayer or face legal action. They said the U.S. Supreme Court's refusal to review a Third Circuit Court of Appeals case meant the tradition in Greencastle was unconstitutional.

Todd, an Antrim Township resident, said the trio's stance was only meant to disrupt the community. He fired off his opinion to Silverman through Facebook, but has not had a reply. Todd found Silverman's profile picture interesting — a horned red devil sitting at a computer.

"Satan is using him to keep Christians strong," said Todd. "We Christians are tired of his kind making a mockery of us. This is a Christian nation and we are taking it back. Remember Chik-fil-A."

The national chain restaurant was roundly criticized, with calls for a boycott, after its president was quoted in a weekly religious newspaper as supporting the traditional definition of marriage. Quickly a movement surfaced to stand up for the Christian founders of the company, and Aug. 1 became Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day. It posted record sales.

Todd will attend the Sept. 6 school board meeting to urge the members to stand their ground. He expects the room to be filled with citizens who agree with him.

"Silverman is a bully, trying to intimidate us. I've been looking for the day to stand up for Jesus, and this is it. This is something I have to do. The Lord is directing me."