Mowen seeks background on RHC vehicle in old picture

Inquiring minds want to know the history of this 1903 Oldsmobile with a connection to the Rescue Hose Company. Who owned it, how was it used, and where is it now? asks RHC museum chair Ray Mowen.

Ray Mowen, Rescue Hose Company Museum chairman, regularly scans eBay for memorabilia related to the fire department or Cumberland Valley. He has snagged some great deals which the RHC purchases from him, or he donates to the museum.

The latest find has him puzzled. He bought two photographs of a 1903 Oldsmobile. One vehicle, with a ladder and bell attached, has the words 'Rescue Hose Co. No. 1' on its front. The back of the picture contains the notation Photography by: Crowell, 401 Edgewood Drive, Hagerstown, Md. Print No. 1.

The second photo is the same model car but with a surrey on top. Mowen thinks the two are replicas of the original, perhaps made from a kit. He's curious about the first one.

"Why, who, when and if the thing's still around. I know nothing about it," he said. "Does anyone know anything about this?"

The photo will likely end up in the museum, and Mowen welcomes any information on the history of the Olds.