Greencastle-Antrim's Tayamentasachta director saved

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
A standing-room-only crowd filled the middle school library for the school board meeting.

A tie vote saved the position of the Tayamentasachta director. The Greencastle-Antrim School District school board voted 4-4 Thursday night on a motion to move Kerri Barnes, the environmental center director, into a middle school science classroom for 2012-13. Those voting no favored keeping her at the beloved "school farm" to teach science to students K-12. They were Mike Still, William Thorne, Melinda Cordell and Joel Fridgen. The board members who preferred to eliminate the position were Ken Haines, Brian Hissong, Eric Holtzman and Tracy Baer. Mike Shindle was absent. Because of the rules of parliamentary procedure, with a tie vote, the motion failed. The packed middle school library erupted into applause and cheers.

Over 20 citizens addressed the board for an hour, supporting Tayamentasachta, retaining sports and music programs, and in favor of a tax increase to helpthe district preserve its motto of "Children First".

Students addressed the board about their wishes to keep the Tayamentasachta Environmental Center as is.