Report of students carrying knives not confirmed in Greencastle-Antrim


Greencastle-Antrim School District administrators could not confirm reports circulating that a couple of elementary school children were involved in bringing knives to school recently.

Bob Crider, Director of Educational Operations for Greencastle-Antrim School District, could not confirm the report. He told the Echo Pilot said any such matter at that age level would be handled as a discipline procedure. An administrative review would take place, but the results would not be made public.

Crider said the weapons policy was the same for all students in grades kindergarten through 12. According to the school handbook, the rules apply on school grounds before, during and after school; whenever the school is used by a school group; off campus during school events; or on the way to or from school or school events on school transportation.

Prohibited behavior included possession of dangerous items or weapons. This would include knives, cutting instruments, firearms and other devices that could inflict serious bodily injury.

Since possession of a weapon falls into a Level III offense, the consequences could include expulsion for one year.

“We are not a ‘zero tolerance’ school district,” said Crider. “We do look at every child and every situation.”

A public hearing would not be held unless requested by the parents, he said.