Another try taken to revamp G-ASD grading system


Yet another grading system is being considered for the Greencastle-Antrim School District.

Two years in the making, an alternate version of the grading system was presented to the school board on Feb. 2. A committee formed in 2010 had presented one plan in January 2011, and two on April 7, but the board rejected them all. They had debated whether an "A" should be at 90 or 92 percent. One system put an F at under 65 percent, the other under 60 percent. The proposals added a plus and minus system to the letter grades, too, with a grade point average set for each. The board, though, did not want a student with a low A, for instance, to receive a GPA below 4.0. The appropriate weight of college-level classes was also discussed.

The current grading system gives GPA rankings of A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1 and F=0, with failing 66 and below.

Board members William Thorne and Eric Holtzman joined the committee last April. Chaired by director of education Bob Crider, the other members were administrators and teachers Angie Singer, Chad Stover, Jen Guerin, Janelle Wagner, Gerald Crable, Jeremy Barnes, Julie Franchi, Ed Rife, Adrian Martin and Marci Stover.

The latest proposal, which will be voted on Feb. 16, still uses the plus and minus system, but an A and A- would both equal 4.0. The grading scale would be: A, 93 to 100, 4.0; A-, 90 to 92, 4.0; B+, 87 to 89, 3.8; B, 83 to 86, 3.4; B-, 80 to 82, 3.0; C+, 77 to 79, 2.8; C, 73 to 76, 2.4; C-, 70 to 72, 2.0; D, 65 to 69, 1.0; F, below 65, 0. Any plus or minus would tell the student how he was doing.

Said Crider, "An A- would mean you're getting an A, but you could be performing better."

An extra point would be given for Advanced Placement and college classes.

High school board representative Savannah Fritz agreed to show the proposal to the student body for feedback, since no students were on the committee.

All subjects in grades 3 to 12 would use the new system.

Grades 1 and 2 would use O = 90-100, S+ = 80-89, S = 70-79, S- = 65-69, and U = below 65.