Girl Scouts do their duty at Tayamentasachta

Girl Scouts Tabitha Reeder, left, Emma Zimmerman, Sarah Brady and Kaitlyn Bowser earned the Bronze Award for making an improvement at the Greencastle-Antrim School District environmental center.

Four Junior Girl Scouts from Greencastle earned the Bronze Award for their work making the greenhouse at Tayamentasachta a nicer place for learning. Sarah Brady, Emma Zimmerman, Kaitlyn Bowser, and Tabitha Reeder, now in sixth grade at Greencastle-Antrim Middle School, put in 15 hours each last spring and summer. Their manual labor on a project benefiting the community led to receiving the highest award available to their age group in scouting. They are now in Cadet status with Troop 80907, led by Nicole Bowser and assistant Heather Zimmerman.

The girls refurbished the school district environmental center greenhouse. They cleared the interior of pots, old dirt, damaged materials; added new soil; cleaned and painted the exterior; repaired the door with the assistance of a dad; tidied the adjacent flower beds; and fixed what they could.

"Tearing out the wood was the hardest part," said Tabitha, 12. "There was a bug issue. Some wood was literally just dust. The termites are gone. We made sure of that."

Emma, 12, countered that taking everything out of the shed was the most difficult, followed by the cleaning. Sarah, 11, had her own dislikes. "We took the nasty dirt and rotting wood out. We got rid of the cobwebs."

They worked weekends, including Mother's Day, and watched the transformation.

"I personally didn't mind the shoveling, but I hated the weeding," said Kaitlyn, 12.

It all paid off. Kerri Barnes, director of Tayamentasachta, watched the progress. "She enjoyed how nice a job we did to make the greenhouse look better," said Tabitha.

Scout leader Bowser was proud of their efforts. "They chose this project because they wanted to help out a place they love to go to. They wanted to give back to a place that they learn a lot from."

Troop 80907 meets the second and fourth Friday of each month at Greencastle Church of the Brethren, its sponsor.