No change in Greencastle-Antrim School District grading system yet

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The fate of the grading scale went back to committee when the Greencastle-Antrim School Board failed to adopt either of two options presented April 7. A potential change to grading standards has been under review since January.

Bob Crider, director of educational operations and a member of the committee, submitted two proposals. The first was the same as the committee initially developed. It gave an “A-” for 92 to 94 percent work, and an accompanying 3.7 GPA; an “A” for 95 to 100 percent yielded a 4.0 GPA. The lowest “B” was 83 percent and 2.7 GPA. A “C” was 74 percent, and “D” was 65 percent. Anything lower was an “F”.

That option was Crider’s first choice. “The committee still believes that scale is fair and does provide teachers the flexibility, with a plus/minus system, to more accurately represent student achievement,” he said.

Option 2 lowered an “A-” to 90, the “A” started at 93. The “B-” was at 80, the  “C-” was 70, the “D-” was 60 and an “F” was below that. The GPA numbers were the same as Option 1, and both incorporated weighted classes at a full point higher.

By contrast, the scale currently employed does not use a plus/minus system. The “A” starts at 92, “B” at 83, “C” at 74, “D” at 67 and “F” at 66 and below. The GPA rankings are 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

William Thorne and Joel Fridgen pointed out that with either new option, a student now earning a low “A” would get an “A-” and a lower GPA.

Howard Ritchey favored keeping the current scale, and thought lowering standards would lower performance.

“The present system has been working pretty well for quite a while,” confirmed Crider.

A motion to adopt the first plan died for lack of a second, and the next plan was voted down unanimously. Thorne and Eric Holtzman agreed to join the committee to determine what the board was really looking for in making any change. Crider said in his research, he had discovered some schools were raising the “D” to a 74, even though others in the area had it as low as a 60.