Greencastle-Antrim High School Drama Club to present ‘Annie’

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
The cast of “Annie” will fill the stage this weekend. Gathering during dress rehearsal were, from left, front row: Abbi Siner, Lauren Durniak, Amelia Thorne, Skylynn Whittington, Seth Izer, Skye Koons, Shyanne Smith, Habitul Wafi. Middle row: Stephen Herman, Ridge Bingaman, Nikki Garns, Lauren Powers, Shelby Trail, Maggie Rose Crawford, Melissa Holmes, Aubree Poole, Jane Eberhardt. Standing: Conor Bryant, Paul Herman, Alex Yoder, Jared Poper, Amber Crider, Alyssa Kreischer, Caitlyn Hetrick, Kaitlin Ganoe, Sarah Jansen, Madeline Heraty, Noni Arnoult, Dreyphen Hepfer, Madison Onomastico, Skyler Allen, Ildar Garifulin, Joanna Scott and Evan Smith.

“Annie” opens Thursday evening and runs through Sunday at Greencastle-Antrim High School. The high school Drama Club is presenting the musical at 7:30 p.m. March 24, 25 and 26, and at 3 p.m. March 27 in the auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door, and are $5 for everyone.

Under the direction of Ronalyn Bingaman, the classic Broadway show will feature the clever red-headed orphan girl who just wants to find her parents. Along the way she encounters a wealthy man and his secretary, a lovable mutt, and the president of the United States.

 Scores of people are involved in the play, including some teachers and community members.

 Cast members are: Annie, Amelia Thorne and Shyanne Smith; Oliver Warbucks, Seth Izer; Miss Hannigan, Sarah Jansen and Madeline Heraty; Grace Farrell, Amber Crider and Skylynn Whittington; President Roosevelt, Stephen Herman; Judge Brandeis, Kyle Hayes;   

 orphans, Hailee Martin, Maggie Rose Crawford, Shelby Trail, Haley Allshouse, Melissa Holmes, Lauren Powers, Nikki Garns and Aubree Poole; Mr. Bundles, Alex Yoder; dog catchers, Dreyphen Hepfer and Ildar Garifulin;  apple seller Joe, Habitul Wafi; Sooty, Skye Koons;

hobos, Evan Smith, Jane Eberhardt, Kaitlin Ganoe, Ildar Garifulin, Mariah Martin, Jared Poper, Paul Herman, Amelia Thorne, Shyanne Smith, Caitlyn Hetrick, Abbi Siner, Amber Crider, Skylynn Whittington, Conor Bryant, Alex Mowen, Lauren Durniak, Noni Arnoult, Seth Izer, Ridge Bingaman, Hannah Martin, Skyler Allen, Madison Onomastico, Joanna Scott, Kyle Hayes, Alyssa Kreischer, Alex Yoder, Sarah Jansen and Maddie Heraty;

officers, Paul Herman, Steve Herman, Habitul Wafi and Ildar Garifulin; servants, Paul Herman, Alex Yoder, Jared Poper, Alyssa Kreischer, Skyler Allen, Mariah Martin, Jane Eberhardt and Joanna Scott; Annette, Caitlyn Hetrick; Cecille, Kaitlin Ganoe; Mrs. Greer, Abbi Siner; Mrs. Pugh, Alex Mowen; Drake, Conor Bryant; Rooster Hannigan, Ridge Bingaman; Lily St. Regis, Lauren Durniak and Noni Arnoult; starlette, Hannah Martin; usherette, Mariah Martin;

Boylan sisters, Hannah Martin, Madison Onomastico, Joanna Scott and Skyler Allen; Bert Healy, Dreyphen Hepfer; Wacky, Stephen Herman; sound man, Aaron Hovey; Jimmy Johnson, Jared Poper; Ickes, Alex Yoder; Perkins, Evan Smith; Morganthau, Jared Poper; Hull, Paul Herman; and Howe, Drey Hepfer.

The stage crew is Coby Salmon, Aaron Hovey, Lacy Carver, Tabi Rudy, Justina Fala, Noah Graham, Christina Wolford, Cassie Varner and Mahter Mohammad Yasser; sound technicians, Austin Stoler, Ben Stouffer and Greg Boyer; and dog trainer, Linda Koons.

The play is directed by Roz Bingaman and the producer is Kevin Carley. Choreography was by Kristen Ott and Roz Bingaman, with assistance from Ridge Bingaman, Sarah Jansen, Amelia Thorne, Amber Crider, Hailee Martin and Maggie Rose Crawford.

The background musicians are: rehearsal/performance pianist, Michelle Lackey; soprano and alto sax, JP Wentz; tenor sax, Megan Sweitzer; clarinet, Megan Oberholzer; flute, Kayla Starr; piccolo, flute and clarinet, Alyson Ziegler; trumpet 1, Ethan Koons; trumpet 2, Stephen Angliss; trombone 1, Eric Plum; trombone 2, Brittany Spangler; viola, Abigail Lackey; violin, Amanda Bietsche; drums, Ryan Carty; and percussion, Amanda Toms.