G-AHS students urge all to join in ‘pink-out’

Sarah Domer and Emily Lutz sport the pink proudly. The pair are heading the breast cancer awareness fund raiser.

Throughout the month of October breast cancer awareness is an inescapable theme, including now at the Greencastle-Antrim High School.

The theme has a color; that color is pink. Pink dots the entire country, from professional sports to the pink wrist bands or ribbons on an everyday person.

Breast cancer awareness campaigns have proven successful and have caught the eyes and minds of two G-AHS seniors. Student council members Sarah Domer and Emily Lutz know that the message is something that almost everyone feels the need to donate and contribute.

Sarah and Emily wanted to do their parts. They also knew the methods of contribution were nearly endless. With so much merchandise it is possible to buy everything from bumper stickers to an entire pink-themed wardrobe. Still they wanted to do something different.

“What really inspired us was the month of October and that nothing for breast cancer had been done before (in G-AHS),” said Sarah.

Greencastle is no stranger to fundraisers for good causes though, with clubs like Tumani ambassadors and numerous community-driven charities that have been a powerful factor in the lives of many students.

But, what is so unique about this activity is it is reaching out to the community directly, by hosting the real display of charity at the next home football game against Northern. Through word of mouth and clever advertising in the halls, it has been declared that the next home game will be a “pink-out.”

Toward that end the driven duo has begun a sales campaign to help the “pink-out” along. They are selling pink T-shirts that say “We are, G-A.” Students are being urged to purchase the shirts at $10 each and wear them to the game on Kaley Field that has a 7:30 p.m. kickoff.

Emily said that this apparel was selected, “because everybody likes shirts.”

The students are urging all planning to attend the game to wear pink. The cheerleaders will help lead the charge by wearing pink as well.

“We’re really glad everybody is contributing,” reflected Emily. “Our community really likes to support, and they are very productive.”

Sarah Domer and Emily Lutz sporting the pink proudly are heading the breast cancer awareness fund raiser at the high school.