Woman memorializes husband, father with local scholarship

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Mary Pat Kulina presented a check to the Greencastle-Antrim Education Foundation for a scholarship in memory of her husband and father. Pictured, from left: Joel Fridgen and Greg Hoover, G-AEF board members, Kulina, Kathy Olivier, G-AEF director, and Kristy Faulkner, G-AEF board member.

The Greencastle-Antrim Education Foundation received $20,000 for a new scholarship for students in the Greencastle-Antrim community. Mary Pat Kulina, 50, Frederick, Md., made the donation in honor of her deceased husband Stephen P. Kulina, and her late father Jim Hanes.

Stephen Kulina died in a motorcycle accident in November 2009 and Hanes died in June 2009.

Because her husband had promised her a party on her birthday Aug. 9, Kulina held the party anyway on Garnes Road to launch donations to G-AEF.

She wrote to invited guests: “When I think of my Stephen P. and my dad, James William, I think of two men who loved to learn and had a real desire for adventure.

“Stephen loved to challenge his brain, whether it was astrology or his beloved aviation; he just loved to learn. Stephen was happiest either flying a plane or riding one of his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycles.

 “Because of both Stephen and Dad’s love for knowledge I have started the ‘Get a Ride for Doing it Right’ scholarship in honor of both of them to carry on their heartfelt desires and to help a child who may be fortunate to be able to do so themselves.”

 The scholarship

Kulina said she is using the memorial scholarship as an opportunity to continue the legacy of the two important men in her life, and as a way to give back to the community.

“The purpose of the scholarship is to provide college funding for students in the Greencastle-Antrim community who share a passion for learning and recognize the true wealth that can be obtained by living life to its fullest,” she said.

 The scholarship is being established to assist with college expenses for a graduate who is interested in pursuing a post-secondary education in a trade, sciences, aviation or technology.

Kulina wrote to the invited guests, “In providing this scholarship to the community we hope to provide not only a gift to future generations but also a lasting remembrance of how each day should be valued and don't put off "living" until another day. I look forward to the honor of your presence at my 50th birthday party to raise funds for this scholarship in lieu of personal gifts.”

Kulina donated $20,000 and additional donations were also given.