National Honor Society welcomes new members

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Echo Pilot
New inductees into the Greencastle-Antrim Chapter of the National Honor Society gathered after the ceremony April 22. The seniors are in the front row.

Forty-two juniors and 10 seniors were inducted into the Greencastle-Antrim Chapter of the National Honor Society on April 22. They were joined by 28 seniors who were already members.

The ceremony was held at the high school auditorium with superintendent Dr. C. Gregory Hoover the keynote speaker. He spoke on the value of persistence.

Senior Jesse Herman offered the welcome and closing remarks. He initiated the candle-lighting ceremony with Ashley Frankenfield talking about Scholarship, Vincent Hall about Character, Peter Oppliger about Leadership and Alec Yohn about Service.

Akash Patel explained the meaning of the NHS emblem and Anna Nowell and Eric Bowman introduced the new members. The pins and cards were presented by Kelsey Gearhart and Dan Bitner. Sallianne Crawford led the oath, and had opened the event with a song. Oppliger introduced Dr. Hoover.

Director of Education Robert Crider and  high school principal Ed Rife presented the stoles to the students, and the seniors were introduced by Emily Copenhaver, Amelia Thorne, Stephen Herman and Arpit Patel.


Juniors — Sarah Arndt, Jonathan Baer, Marina Barnhart, Kaitlyn Benachowski, Katie Benedict, Ridge Bingaman, Ryan Carty, John Coda, Daniel Combs, Emily Copenhaver, Amber Crider, Karissa DeYoung, Heather Eichelberger, Jennifer Fisher, Erin Garns, Jared Grove, Stephen Herman, Devon Houpt, Seth Izer, Sarah Jansen, Krista Kelly, Paige Klouser, Gabriel Martin, Hannah Martin, Jenna Miller, Danielle Morgan, Jared Mowen, Brittany Norling, Arpit Patel, Holly Plank, Kathryn Pryor, Samantha Rudy, Devin Schaeffer, Juliet Seidel, Brittany Spangler, Jacob Statler, Ali Stouffer, Amelia Thorne, Brandon Thrush, Courtney Wagner, Alexander Yoder, Emily Zook.

Seniors — Kaitlyn Bobbitt, Tyler Coleman, Allison Engle, Rebecca Florentine, Amanda Keefer, Ben Klappert, Kolby Martin, Kari Mellott, Andrew Mowen, Rachelle Piper.

The other senior members are: Marni Baluta, Lisa Bean, Jordan Bingaman, Daniel Bitner, Eric Bowman, Brendan Carter, Sallianne Crawford, Ashley Frankenfield, Kelsey Gearhart, Seth Group, Vincent Hall, Jesse Herman, Jessica Higman, Megan Hoover, Patrick Hudson, Ashley Hutton, Eli Kane, Maria Markovich, Shelby Myers, Anna Nowell, Peter Oppliger, Akash Patel, Jamie Salmon, Chelsea Stander, Kurtis Thrush, Jenna Waltz, Alec Yohn, Evan Zimmerman.

Chapter officers

The officers of the G-AHS chapter of the National Honor Society are Jesse Herman, president; Evan Zimmerman, vice president; Peter Oppliger, secretary; and Vincent Hall, treasurer. Executive Committee members at large are Sallianne Crawford, Ashley Frankenfield, Akash Patel and Alec Yohn. Faculty Council members are Jenniffer Everetts, Robert Henry, Michael Hussack, Susan Kline and Nicole Paci-Funk. DuAnne Thrush is the Chapter Advisor.