Students to collect change for world’s children


On Friday, Feb. 5, the Tumani Ambassador Club at Greencastle-Antrim High School will launch its BE THE CHANGE campaign with a special assembly for the student body and staff.  The theme of BE THE CHANGE is derived from Mahatma Ghandi’s directive to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

The assembly will feature two speakers, Bradley Parker, who has worked with the Peace Corps, and Adam Smith, who has worked with communities in underdeveloped countries.  They will emphasize the need and benefits of service to others. 

BE THE CHANGE activities will include a week-long competition between the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes to collect the most change. 

Sixty percent of the funds raised during the BE THE CHANGE campaign will be sent to Free The Children’s relief activity in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The other 40 percent will be sent to the Domeabra school in Ghana.  One of Tumanis’ former co-leaders, Danel Berman, spent time teaching in a school in Ghana last year.

The mission of the Tumani Ambassador Club, which is affiliated with the Oprah Angel Network and Free The Children, is to provide funds that will provide educational opportunities and meet medical needs for children locally and globally.  In addition to supporting the local food bank, funds support the Drew Michael Taylor Foundation.  Globally the Tumanis support a school in West Africa in an area that has been afflicted with poverty and disease due in part to genocide.