Getaway arrests made in armed robbery of gas station

Sunoco Gas Station, 705 Buchanan Trail E., was the scene of an armed robbery on April 13. Three males allegedly robbed the store and escaped in a waiting getaway car, with two females as driver and passenger.

Three men wanted in the armed robbery of a Greencastle gas station are still at large, but the alleged getaway accomplices have been apprehended thanks to two alert witnesses.

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Tiffani Leah Robey, 18, and Brittany Lyn Johnson, 19, both of 7528 Molly Pitcher Highway, for their role in an armed robbery at the Sunoco Gas Station, 705 Buchanan Trail E., at 9:25 p.m. April 13.

Both were charged with robbery and criminal conspiracy/robbery, with both counts attached by threat of immediate serious injury. Bail was set at $50,000 each by Magisterial District Judge Duane K. Cunningham at their preliminary arraignments on April 25. Both are free after posting bond.

The robbery

According to court documents, two clerks were on duty at the convenience store when three males, maybe black, entered. One was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and a red bandana on his face. Another wore a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark bandana. The third wore a hooded sweatshirt and hat.

One man jumped over the counter, and put a small black handgun in the face of a clerk, said court records. He ordered her to give him everything she had, and demanded to know where the money was.

One man had a pink and grey duffle bag. Two men took money from the cash registers, as reported in court documents, while the third guarded the two clerks in another area of the store. The robber in the red sweatshirt wanted the women to open the safe, and threatened to shoot them if they didn't cooperate. They told him they couldn't access the safe, stated court records.

The getaway

In the meantime, two people, identified in court documents as construction workers, went to the Antrim Township recycling center. They saw two females in a black Honda Civic parked inside the fence between dumpsters. They told the women to leave. One female got on her cell phone, they told police later. The Honda exited and crossed the road to the Greencastle Lube Center where three men walked up to the car, then went into the Sunoco building. The witnesses reported that the Honda parked at the Antrim Township municipal building, then turned south, and made a u-turn to park on the berm of Antrim Church Road facing north.

The witnesses said three men ran out of the store and jumped in the Honda. It fled north. The two people followed the car and wrote down the registration number. They returned to Sunoco to give it to the troopers.

The investigation

According to court documents, police traced the Honda to two owners, one of whom was Johnson, with the address 785 Antrim Lane. Police made contact with people at that address and the one on Molly Pitcher Highway. They were told that Johnson had the car and Robey was likely with her, according to the police report. Johnson and Robey were found to be former employees of Sunoco, according to court documents.

Robey was identified as a suspect in a photo lineup on April 15 by one of the witnesses. She and Johnson were interviewed by police on April 23. They allegedly stated they had been at the recycling center smoking marijuana with three males. They left when told to by the two individuals, and at the Lube Center the males left them to go to Sunoco.

Police said the thieves made off with $1,352 in cash, $90 worth of cigarettes and other items.