Center Square planter in Greencastle will look good as new again

Steve Gossert, left, Rich Loper, Russ Myers and Jason Hoover make repairs to the planter in Center Square Monday morning. They started Friday and hope to finish up this week.

The focal point of Center Square, called the rotary traffic control device by the Rescue Hose Company, is under repair once again. It was heavily damaged close to midnight Feb. 24 by a pickup truck driven by a Hagerstown, Md. woman later charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The concrete and stone base was struck on the western side, at the intersection of Baltimore and Carlisle streets.

Borough officials put the damage at $8,500. Anyone who causes damage is responsible for the fix. If the person is not apprehended, the borough does carry insurance, although it charges a $1,000 deductible.

Robert E. Tolbert Masonry of Chambersburg was hired to make repairs. It has been called before. Foreman Steve Gossert said the force of the impact caused the shock to wrap two-thirds of the way around. He brought in a half ton of rough-cut stone from a local quarry, and they dressed it to fit, using chisels and other tools.

“It’s like putting together a puzzle without a picture,” he said.

Russ Myers from GW Electric worked on the broken lights and wiring. It was not his first time at the square either.

“It’ll happen again,” said Gossert in deadpan fashion. “It keeps us in work. It’s job security. But this is about the worst I’ve seen.”

Steve Gossert uses his expensive tool set to chisel a stone to the proper size. The stones and masonry were damaged Feb. 24 by a drunk driver. Gossert and his crew saved as many original stones as possible. They carry a gray hue. The new ones are a bit more blue. The trick, he said, was to blend them well enough to look harmonious to passersby.