Greencastle man found growing marijuana

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Police got an unexpected surprise when searching this Greencastle home for a wanted person.

Pennsylvania State Police got more than they bargained for when they went to a Greencastle home in the spring searching for someone listed on a warrant.

According to a report filed last week with District Magistrate Duane Cunningham, officers arrived at 152 N. Washington St. at 12:50 a.m. April 19 looking for a wanted person at the home of Michael L. Statler, 52. The wanted man was not there, but Statler let the officers check the residence just to be sure.

While searching on the second floor, troopers noticed a heavy cord running into a room with the door closed, and heard a humming sound. Inside, the walls were lined with foil and the officers found a marijuana growing operation, the report said.

Statler said the plants were for his own use, according to the court report.

Police confiscated 27 marijuana plants and smoking pipes in plain view.

Statler was charged with two violations of the controlled substance act: intent to deliver marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.