Rescue Hose Company receives grants

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Rescue Hose Co. No. 1, Inc. of Greencastle is happy to announce that The

Office of the State Fire Commissioner, Harrisburg, has awarded the Rescue

Hose Company two grants. A $9,500 Mortgage Reduction Grant was awarded to

the department. The Emergency Medical Services Department received a grant

in the amount of $5,332.49 to assist in the purchase of an automatic

stretcher for use in the ambulances. These monies will be put to use by the

Rescue Hose Company to continue to provide fire and emergency medical

services for Greencastle, Antrim Township and surrounding communities.

The fire company responded to 44 incidents and emergency medical crews

responded to 102 in February.

The Rescue Hose Company set a date for the 77th Hobo Minstrel Show, March 1,

2 and 3, 2012.